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Riding with Jesus on Holy Tuesday

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Picture by Michael Belk from his book, Journeys with the Messiah

Let us focus today on our deep faith in prayer.

It was an exhausting Holy Tuesday for Jesus.  He and his disciples returned to Jerusalem.  They passed the withered fig tree and Jesus reminds us all about the importance of faith.  The Israel’s religious authorities challenged Jesus, asking what right did have to cleanse the temple among other things.  They were trying to force Jesus to state that He had divine power from God so that they could charged him with blasphemy and arrest him.  Jesus was strong and wise, and it did not happen, so the chief priest plots another plan to have Jesus crucified.  The chief priest makes a deal with Judas of the Disciples and paid him 30 pieces of silver to betray Jesus.  Jesus also went to Mount of Olives and he shared about the prophecy of the destruction of Jerusalem and the end of the age.  He speaks in parables talking of the end of time and His Second coming and the final judgment. 

Sit in silence and reflect on your faith and let us pray. . .  O my Lord, my God as I reflect on the message of the cross it is so difficult. How does death become eternal life?  You suffered a difficult death.  You show me your weakness carrying a cross knowing through your suffering comes strength to open Heaven, eternal life for all.  Lord, I thank you, please help me with any unbelief.  In your name and through the Holy Spirit I ask to walk in the way You taught us and to keep my faith alive!  In His Name, Amen! Amen! In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen ? 

Riding with Jesus, Holy Week

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The Ride begins on Palm Sunday for Holy Week ~ Let’s Ride with Him! First Day of Holy Week ~ Palm Sunday

As Jesus approach Jerusalem on a donkey, he was fulfilling the Old Testament prophecy of Zechariah 9:9; it was common for kings to arrive by a procession riding on a donkey. Donkey symbolized peace so has they rode them it meant that they come in peace. Jesus is the Prince of Peace. As he rode by the people cut palm branches and waved them as he rode by and they laid them out on the ground before Jesus as He rode into the city. The palm branch represents goodness and victory and was a reminder that victory of death was soon to be fulfilled of the final victory He would soon fulfill over death. The crowd was shouting “Hosanna!” the word actually means, “save now.” Even thou Jesus saw their adoration he wept knowing that these same people would turn their backs on Him and crucify Him. Jesus knew his roll, that they needed a Savior. What are we to remember about Palm Sunday, Jesus Christ was the ultimate sacrifice, God sent His only son to fight our battle over death so that we may have eternal life and be set free?

This is the first day of Holy Week, as you pedal through this week stop and contemplate all your thoughts and attention on what matters the most in your life and give Him all the glory because of the grace He has given you each day. Don’t let the tempter take any of your joy away, fix your eyes on Jesus.

“Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion! Shout aloud, O daughter of Jerusalem! Behold, your king is coming to you; righteous and having salvation is he, humble and mounted on a donkey, on a colt, the foal of a donkey.” Zech. 9:9“O death, where is your victory? O death, where is your sting?” 1 Cor. 15:55

“If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.” Rom. 10:9″

As he approached Jerusalem and saw the city, he wept over it, and said, “If you, even you, had only known on this day what would bring you peace–but now it is hidden from your eyes.” Luke 19:41-42

“Jesus said to her, ‘I am the resurrection and the life; he who believes in Me will live even if he dies,’ “John 11:25

Let’s choose to focus on worshipping our Lord, thanking Him for the gift of His sacrifice, celebrating the power of the Resurrection, and the new life found in Him alone. Grace.

“Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!” 2 Cor. 9:15

Riding with Jesus on Holy Monday

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~Today focus on your faith and the peace Jesus can bring you! On Holy Monday morning, they came from Bethany and along the way he cursed a fig tree because it had failed to bear fruit. Some believe this cursing of the fig tree represented God’s judgement on the spiritually dead religious leaders of Israel, while others believe the symbolism extends to all believers, that genuine faith comes from within, and living faith must bear spiritual fruit in a person’s life. Jesus’ actions here are symbolic, reminding us about the hypocrisy of all who have the appearance they are bearing fruit (truly faithful) but in fact they are not. (Mark 11:12-14)

They went on to the Temple in Jerusalem, when Jesus went in, he found the courts full of corrupt money changers. He began to flip the tables over and told them to clear the Temple, saying, “The Scriptures declare, ‘My Temple will be a house of prayer,’ but you have turned it into a den of thieves” (Luke 19:46). In these two situations on Monday of Holy week Jesus tells us two important lessons. First, have true worship of our Lord, be truly faithful from deep in our hearts and authentically love your neighbor as ourselves and spread the Gospel throughout your relationships. Secondly, remember Jesus cleansed the Temple just has He can cleanse you; Jesus is the Prince of Peace.

Be reminded of His power today He brings a supernatural peace; He gives us peace that the world cannot give to you, a peace that you cannot find without Him. He will bring peace to you and to the world. Picture done by Michael Belk from the book, Journeys with the Messiah.