Riding with Jesus on Holy Tuesday

Picture by Michael Belk from his book, Journeys with the Messiah

Let us focus today on our deep faith in prayer.

It was an exhausting Holy Tuesday for Jesus.  He and his disciples returned to Jerusalem.  They passed the withered fig tree and Jesus reminds us all about the importance of faith.  The Israel’s religious authorities challenged Jesus, asking what right did have to cleanse the temple among other things.  They were trying to force Jesus to state that He had divine power from God so that they could charged him with blasphemy and arrest him.  Jesus was strong and wise, and it did not happen, so the chief priest plots another plan to have Jesus crucified.  The chief priest makes a deal with Judas of the Disciples and paid him 30 pieces of silver to betray Jesus.  Jesus also went to Mount of Olives and he shared about the prophecy of the destruction of Jerusalem and the end of the age.  He speaks in parables talking of the end of time and His Second coming and the final judgment. 

Sit in silence and reflect on your faith and let us pray. . .  O my Lord, my God as I reflect on the message of the cross it is so difficult. How does death become eternal life?  You suffered a difficult death.  You show me your weakness carrying a cross knowing through your suffering comes strength to open Heaven, eternal life for all.  Lord, I thank you, please help me with any unbelief.  In your name and through the Holy Spirit I ask to walk in the way You taught us and to keep my faith alive!  In His Name, Amen! Amen! In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen ?