As I began to think about my Thanksgiving Prayer for 2017 (now a 16-year tradition), I thought about the world and ALL that is going on.  I want to pray for peace, but I stop and think . . . how do we truly start peace?  Because to pray for world peace we must first have it within us.  So, I felt compelled to talk about the rushing of this world, when we rush and when we go, go, go and it is hard at times to find peace. You have the Political rush, the Hollywood rush, the violent and crime rush, the rushing your children to do it all, the do-good rush, and the rush to post first on social media, the list goes on.  Even a young eleven-year-old heart reminded me that we rush Thanksgiving to get to Christmas, she said, “When people put up Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving they’re missing the true meaning of Thanksgiving,” we rush it all.

To gain peace, we must start in our hearts and our homes, let it spread from there.  How often do we sit in silence?  How often do we quiet our minds?  How often do we find the peace we need to be present in every aspect of our lives?  Don’t rush, be still.  Who can be still with all the technology and the noise in this world?   My thanksgiving prayer is about the rush of this world and praying for us all to find peace with in our hearts and home.  Take a moment before you have your Thanksgiving dinner and sit in silence to feel Gods love and presence and then say a prayer.

May you have a blessed Thanksgiving.  Giving God all the Glory!


Dear Heavenly Father,

Creator of goodness and love, please look into our hearts and see the gratitude we have for all we have and do not have.  Thank you for all the graces and blessings. We are so grateful for our faith. We give thanks for all our loved ones here with us on this day and the ones who are with You in your Kingdom.  We pray for all Your angels to protect each of us and our families and friends that are gathered together and those who could not be here with us.  We ask You to grace them with Your presence that they may feel Your love always.  We pray for all the men and women and their families who cannot be together because they are serving You and our country.  We pray for the sick and we are ever so grateful for our health.   We are so thankful for the love we have for our family and friends.

How full is this world of Your unending creativity?  We are so grateful for the same creativity that keeps us very busy and so rushed in this world.  The astounding variety that keeps it all so interesting and very complex, but we are ever so appreciative for the newness in each day.   With new life, change and growth for us all.  The provision You have provided for us is overflowing and we give You thanks.  Lord, help us to celebrate all of this in a new way, a way that we can be still, invite the Holy Spirit in and ask peace to settle into each one of us.  A way that we can have creativity, change and growth, and be in harmony and peace with one another throughout the world.

Dear Father, in Your infinite generosity, please grant us continued, graces and blessing throughout the coming year.  God help us to put You in the center of our lives so our hearts lead with Your pure peace. Please teach us that being still and sitting in silence with You will bring harmony in our lives and this peace will ripple throughout the world.   We celebrate Your great goodness with thankful hearts and joyful lives.

In the name of Your son, Jesus Christ we pray.   Amen.



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