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When I think about all the signs of Christmas, the lights, the tree, the music and the shows, I love that we are honoring one very special amazing birthday, the birth of our Lord Jesus.   After all these years we honor one special King that was born for each and every one of us, it blows me away because His love is still a Christmas present.

I was hustling around to get all my decorations up and hurried to settle in to say, “ok that’s done!” Listening to my music and rushing to put this here and no this goes here. I stopped for a moment to give thanks and to remember the signs of our Lord all around me. Then the drummer boy song comes on, one of my favorites from my childhood and especially the TV show that came on every year. My mom making sure we had our baths and then we could watch the Christmas special of the night. I do want to remind you that the drummer boy is not a Biblical story but is so rich and deep in meaning when you think about it.

So bear with me as I share a little refresher about the story. A boy who is an orphan who is so angry at humanity because bandits came and killed his parents and burned his house down. Aaron the drummer boy was no longer accepting of the human race but had three, yes, three very good animal friends, Samson (a donkey), Babba (a lamb), and Joshua (a camel).  Aaron had one more thing besides his animal friends he had his drum his father had given to him and he was quite good. He would play for his animal friends and they would dance to the beat. In order to survive he joined a traveling circus and the leader, Ben, was not a good person, Ben was after fame and money, Aaron was trying to survive. Aaron then realized at one performance how much it despised people because they were happy when he played and yet they didn’t know of his loss and pain. He tried to get away and couldn’t and then sometime later the Three Wise Men caravan passes by and because of Ben’s greed he wants Aaron to play for them but they don’t have time to stop. So they continue on and then one of the Wise Men’s camel gets tired and Ben sells Aaron’s camel Joshua to them. Aaron is hurt again by man and escapes but Ben could careless because he got the gold for the camel. Aaron joins up with the Three Wise Men traveling to Bethlehem and he recognizes Joshua and when he tries to reunite with him, the lamb, Babba is hit by a Roman chariot and Aaron takes the lamb to the Wise Men to be healed. The Wise Men tell him they can’t heal him but maybe the baby, the King of the Jews, Jesus, could help. Aaron walks in to see Jesus, thinking he has no gift for him, he realizes he can play his drum and Mary nodded with approval and he plays, baby Jesus smiles at him with love and approval and Aaron’s lamb is healed and well.

This song and story has so many strong messages and these are my interpretation to give to you to think about. Just like Aaron we all go through tough times in life and we become angry or upset. We also don’t know where to turn so we take the easy way out and try to find other ways to make it better, maybe through money or fame and satan can pull us in the wrong direction like Ben led Aaron. Maybe it is out of desperation or survival but at times we depend on the wrong source of power. Traveling in times of despair gives us the opportunity to think about what is important in our lives. When Aaron lost his family and everything he turned to loneliness and anger, but when his lost came around the second time with Joshua and Babba love prevailed.  Aaron follows his heart to help heal the lamb, maybe this represents himself or Jesus. And maybe his three animal friends represent the trinity the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. We need to let love prevail in our lives in everything we do. When Aaron lets love in he comes upon the greatest gift of all, Jesus Christ is born a King.  He accepts  the love in his heart but then he stops and feels he is not worthy to see the King because he has no gift to bring. Do you ever feel that you don’t have a gift to bring? Or you are not worthy of God’s love? He plays his drum for Him, the smallest gifts we can bring. God has given us all gifts. The smallest of things, being a light to someone by smiling, sharing loving, singing, opening up your home, maybe financial gift, but we all have some. Jesus smiles at Aaron because he played for him and did the best he could. When we use our gifts to glorify God in all we do, no matter how small or how big, we will be healed by God’s love.

God loves you no matter what, he doesn’t care if you have wealth, tons of talent or fame. Do the best you can for God, to glorify Him, and honor Him in all you do. When you share the smallest of gifts, He smiles upon you.

What is the drummer boy in you? What gift will you bring to Him this Christmas?

Merry Christmas and May God Bless you all!

“The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel” (which means “God with us”).  Matthew 1:23 NIV

Here is my favorite versions of the drummer boy this year, ENJOY!




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