IMG_20141123_233747910Happy Thanksgiving!

Each year I write a Thanksgiving prayer to share my love and gratitude

Please enjoy and pass along!

May you have a beautiful Thanksgiving with abundance of color in your life!

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A Colorful Giving Blessing  Happy Thanksgiving 

Dear Heavenly Father,

I give to You the most thanks on this day, a day to celebrate with family and friends.  Some are far and some are near.  The colors You bring into this world are all so bright especially when we seek Your shining light.  The colors of Your giving reminds me of a kaleidoscope, all coming together in our own individual uniqueness, some pieces are so broken and some are so whole, all to form a magnificent sight.  God please turn us to do your will and during our tumbling and turning You blend all the colors, imperfect shapes and sizes together and when Your light is let in, we become the amazing creation You knew we had within.

I give thanks for my colors of my life, whether it is warm sun on may face or the storms of the sad skies, knowing your light is in my life, the gray becomes a happy blue which shines so very bright.  To bring the color of giving You had to become part of our living.  Through the red of the blood You once shed, You revealed the shades of purple turning death into eternal life in Your Kingdom.   Teaching us to place our feet on the rich green ground that we no longer need to walk in shame because You give us the color of mercy teal and Your forgiveness is always the same.  All of Your colorful giving is done by turning our face to the one and only bright yellow SON.

Heavenly father, we thank You for all the gifts You bring to us during this colorful giving season. Please remind us to be thankful for all, remind us to put on our color of life by walking in gratitude daily, and teach us to pray and love everyone even the problem ones.  Open our eyes to Your kaleidoscope of this world in your colorful giving way, showing us we are all different yet all the same because we were made by Your vibrant and beautiful image.

We pray for all the men and women in our world that aren’t with us today especially for the many that are serving our country in the military and missions. We pray for all the hunger, poor and suffering in this world.   We ask that you bless them with your colorful and alive light! We thank you again Lord for all the blessings you have given us.

In your name, Jesus Christ our heavenly father we pray.  AMEN!




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